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ENABLEance is about enabling people, relationships, and organizations to be their best; even beyond their own imagination. We bring passion, expertise, and experience to enable

Executive Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer


About ENABLEance


At Enableance, we are the architects of transformation, dedicated to sculpting the path of leaders and organizations toward excellence. With a strong commitment to unlocking your full potential, we provide a diverse array of services, including coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training.

Our Team

Enableance boasts a team of seasoned Coaches Nilesh Khare and Preeti Khare, who collectively bring 55 plus years of experience from various backgrounds, including industry, academics, coaching, training, mentoring, and consulting. This rich tapestry of expertise enables us to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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Our Services


Our coaching services are designed to empower individuals, teams and organizations to reach their highest potential. Whether you’re seeking personal development, professional development, leadership coaching, or career coaching, our experienced coaches will work with you to achieve your goals.


Enableance provides mentorship programs that bridge the gap between experience and aspiration. Our mentors are here to guide you through challenges, offer insights, and share their wisdom to help you succeed in your personal and professional life.

Board Advisory

Dr. Nilesh serves as the bouncing board for CEOs/MDs and boards. He is qualified to be an independent director and supports boards to improve governance.

Workshop / Webinar

We deliver National and International webinars for groups on topics unique  to the client’s needs.


We offer consulting services to help organizations navigate complex challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve their strategic objectives. Our consultants complement your strengths, and offer independent expert views to drive your business forward.

MDP / Executive Education

Our training programs are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Whether you require Management development, leadership training, employee development or skill enhancement, our training experts will design and deliver programs that yield tangible results


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Dr F. Robert Buchanan Professor of International Business

Caring. Competent. Skilled. Intuitive. Results-oriented. Preeti has obviously been very well trained in an array of coaching techniques, which she deploys in a direct and clear fashion. In helping a client identify some core issues for themselves, she knows how to coach people toward solutions, rather than staying stuck in their problems. Her sincere passion for this work arises from her personal journey, which is a joyful story of deliverance from great hardship. I was quite astonished at the clarity of the outcomes of our session and recommend her highly for both adults and youth.

Business & Personal Life Coaching by Preeti & Nilesh Khare
Michael Dorang Transition mindset Coach at Wayfinder Coaching client

I had the pleasure of working with Preeti as a coach. She has a kind and gentle way of getting directly to the point. She is thoughtful and knowledgeable. In short, she gets results. She has the knowledge and experience to uncover the issues. She creates a safe and open space to allow expression. She is able to highlight solutions. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Pritha Dubey International Sales Trainer * Gender & Diversity Advisor * Growth-oriented salespeople

Preeti's strongest quality is that she is an empathetic listener. She creates such a safe zone for her clients that they feel totally comfortable to share their deepest feelings without the fear of being judged. Preeti lets you be, while layer by layer she makes you see clearly the path you have walked so far and the path you wish to walk ahead. Her coaching style is compassionate, kind and non-preachy. She is one of those coaches who just focuses on the client's needs. You will never find her look at the timer to signal that your session time is up. She will just be with you. I recommend her to everyone as your coach to be.

Business & Personal Life Coaching by Preeti & Nilesh Khare
Shikha Verma Transition mindset Coach at Wayfinder Coaching client

Preeti is a great relationship coach who has a deep understanding of the finer nuances of what it takes to build a bridge and operate towards a fulfilling relationship in contemporary world. Her approach towards her young clients is patient, tactful and empathetic. I've had a chance to interact with her closely during the SHEmantra Fest and I've found her to be extremely passionate about her subject, open to new thoughts and generous.

Neha Pant Tewari Founder @ Your Success Story | Happiness coach

I have known Preeti for the past one year and have found her to be enterprising, eloquent and balanced in her approach. My interactions with her have been enriching and reflective of her deep knowledge about relationships and coaching in general. She brings with her diverse experience and rich learnings that enables her to empower her clients with reason motivation and passion. I wish her the best in her endeavours.

Business & Personal Life Coaching by Preeti & Nilesh Khare
Karan Gupta Karan Gupta· Management trainee -Jaro Education

I was fortunate to have had Preeti ma'am as my coach during my b-school dean's list cohort. Right off the bat, she asked me the important but tough questions, in an environment that prioritized rigorous self-reflection and acceptance, without judgement and punishment. She was able to help me rapidly zero in on some of the roadblocks that had been limiting me in different areas of my life.  As I remember telling her in private, the things I learnt in a total of 4-5 hours with her, I probably would have taken years to figure out myself. I'll forever be grateful to her for that.