Let us have a quick word on transformation, shall we? Before we begin, let me ask you, have you experienced what transformation feels like?
Chances are you haven’t and I say this with such confidence because transformation is not a moment in time where you stop to realise what happened. Nor is it a burst of euphoria where all your senses come alive.
The beauty of it is, transformation is an ongoing activity that in due time reveals itself in the form of enlightenment, self-discovery, wisdom and a myriad of other metamorphic stages unravelling your purpose and passion in life.
On my birthday today, I wish to share my journey of transformation through a snippet of my learning experience. Growing with age is something we all know and experience but, what do growing and transforming mean?
Even though I cannot cram a lifetime’s worth of learning in a short simple answer, I would say, it is the difference between existing and living.
This beautiful life that we have presents many opportunities to learn and grow. The people in our life, the rhythm of everyday life, the challenges we face, the trials, the tribulations, from every simple waking moment to every grand adventure, this life always has something to teach. We should be willing and ready to receive it.
So, let us shift gears from growing with age to transforming as we grow. Here are some tips on how you can get started.
Define your life’s mission.
Do everything you do to fulfil this mission.
Take time to self-reflect.
View challenges as growth windows rather than threats.
And finally, adopt a self-growth mindset to foster learning as a natural part of your being.
Here is to transforming as we grow!