Relationship Coaching

“Relationships in our lives hold the key to our happiness.”

What is it?

Over a period, Through her own experiences and extensive travel has exposed Preeti to various countries and cultures to arrive at a conclusion that healthy relationships is at the core of happiness.  She focuses strongly on Relationship coaching. She assists people introspect and work towards building productive relationships with themselves first and thereafter with others in personal sphere or at work. Her belief is that healthy relationships come from 3 A’s Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection and establishing healthy boundaries while recognizing and respecting boundaries of others. She helps people begin to love themselves to be able to extend themselves to others.

Who is it for?

For Couples struggling in their marriage and youngsters who are in relationships but are unable to decide whether to go for marriage or decide if the person they are with, is the right one to spend their entire lives with. Parents wanting to build healthier relationships with their children and the employees wanting to navigate well through their professional relationships.

How does it work?

Relationship coaching involves personal sessions or workshops for groups. Coaching starts with a chemistry check session that helps identify the relationship issue at hand, builds understanding of the coaching process and the responsibilities of the coach and a coachee. If both coach and coachee agree, some tentative sessions are agreed upon to take the coaching forward.

Coaching Plans

Both Transformational and Relationship Coaching can help an individual or a group. Based on the intensity and complexity of the issues and the desired objectives—transformative or marginal—coaches or groups require different level of engagement. Private and Group coaching plan below provide tentative ideas on the sessions needed.

Private Coaching Plans

Perspective Coaching 1 Ice Breaking session + 5 sessions
Goal Oriented Coachings 1 Ice Breaking session + 3 months | 9 session
Holistic Development Coaching 1 Ice Breaking session + 6 months | 20 sessions
Transformation Coaching 1 Ice Breaking session + Year | 45 Sessions

Group Coaching and Mentoring

The group coaching aims at team building for corporates and institutions. During group coaching, members collectively learn about their vulnerabilities, struggles, fears, beliefs with respect to group dynamics and objectives. The coaching enables them to grow together to emerge as a cohesive productive teams and form wonderful friendships along the way.
In her coaching Preeti partners with her clients in a thought-provoking, respectful, creative, and non-judgmental way providing psychological safe space. She uses multiple tools and techniques that inspire coachees to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Transformational Coaching

“When the fog of fear and doubt clears, a path appears beckoning the first step.”

What is it?

Preeti enables people’s transformation so that they can set goals and explore solutions beyond the limits of their current mindset. Beyond the marginals. She focuses on what people can do to TRANSFORM their thinking. So, they can dream beyond fears and take the first step to begin their journeys, hold themselves accountable to marching on, realise results, and lead fulfilling lives reflecting their true potential.

Who is it for?

Transformative coaching is appropriate for any one from leaders, executives, students to home makers who are stuck in limiting beliefs or constrained thinking usually about their professional and personal paths ahead or existing relationships.

How does it work?

Transformative coaching involves personal sessions or workshops for groups. Coaching starts with a chemistry check session that helps identify the issue at hand, builds understanding of the coaching process and the responsibilities of the coach and a coachee. If both coach and coachee agree, some tentative sessions are agreed upon to take the coaching forward.


Preeti speaks at webinars, runs workshop sessions and participates on the panels. Her areas of expertise and the topics of interest include

• Getting in touch with yourself
• Tapping in your Inner world
• Igniting the Inner Genius
• Managing Relationships
• ‘Conscious Bridging’ by identifying Relationship Killers
• Emotional Intelligence
• Positive Intelligence- Identifying your Sage/Saboteurs
• ‘Envisioning Life’ – Designing the vision board
• ‘Affirmations and Manifestations’
• ‘Visualizations’ and ‘Laws of Attraction’

Ready for the next step?

Transform! Start your transformation journey with Nilesh & Preeti today.

CXO/Executive Coaching— Leadership Conversations

Lonely at the top? Get an unbiased expert sounding board for clarity.

What is it?

Each CXO brings a unique context involving a successful individual with experience and expertise, and a mix of challenging and complex organizational and personal leadership situation. They often need to ensure responses that ensure success. The selection and execution of an appropriate response require framing the right questions informed with deep, fast, courageous and unbiased expert thinking. This is where they find themselves alone, without adequate time for reflections, and painfully aware of the absence of a support that may ensure unbiased and courageous exploration. Nilesh’s coaching approach with CXOs involves creating an informed space for them where they can reflect with assurance of an unbiased engagement. It invites them to explore questions, point of views, and choices and underlying rationale and build a comprehensive and cohesive challenge-response mental model for themselves. Nilesh also brings his own experience and expertise to create that space.

Who is it for?

An individual CXO facing organizational and personal leadership challenge or an organization that wants to provide support for its CXO or CXO-to-be to realize their true potential.

How does it work

  • It starts with a complementary 45-60 minute chemistry check session to ascertain that the coaching is the right intervention for the context, and the coachee and the coach are the right partners for coaching.
  • The issue at hand determines first stage contracting with pre agreed number of coaching sessions lasting from 60 to 75 minutes each. 5 to10 sessions with 7 to 15 days gap in between are more common. Some issues might require longer association with more sessions.
  • It is not uncommon where CXOs often request a few on demand sessions post the contracting sessions as and when they need. These sessions are often scheduled with 7 to 15 days prior notice.

Business coaching

Striving hard to just stay where you are? Upgrade to the new zone.

What is it?

Marshall Goldsmith’s “What got you here won’t take you there” also applies to organizations such as MSMEs, family businesses, professional corporate, academic institutes that get stuck at a level. Current mindsets, culture, norms, policies, procedures, and systems prevent an organization from getting to the next level.
Nilesh’s business coaching involves a series of interactions with top executives individually and in groups of various sizes. Each engagement lasting for 18-24 months goes through the phases of identification and consensus on shared and relevant vision, values, principles, frameworks for organizations 2.0. That often results in a new structure, system, shift in culture, policies, etc. Success is measured in terms of new mindset, behaviors, and outcomes.

Who is it for?

An organization that aspires to strive for the next level and finds current mindset and culture as the core stumbling block.

How does it work

  • It starts with a diagnostic engagement lasting for about 2 to 3 months involving conversations with key individuals and a few group conversations.
  • The first set of diagnostics often results in realization of where organization can go, what all would it involve, and if organization has courage and appetite in resources, time and patience to initiate and follow through strategic transformation. The next phase often transforms the role from a coach to board advisor/mentor

Board Membership/Advisory

Enrich your board with a proactive expert voice on strategy, performance management, execution, and governance.

What is it?

Dr. Nilesh sits on the advisory/supervisory board of corporates, NGOs and incubators. He brings integrity, fairness, global exposure, straightforwardness, and deep expertise in business and corporate strategy (Diversification, Vertical Integration, Strategic Alliance, M&A), business feasibility, market entry, strategic transformation, performance management, institutional development, and 27 years of experience in consulting across myriads of industries and organizations to his board advisory role. He often serves on the committees overseeing new business/initiative development, performance appraisal and compensation of top management, selection, and corporate governance issues.

Who is it for?

Any private or public organization that has commitment to ethical practices and aspiration to grow and become a better version of itself. It is important for Dr. Nilesh to assure that the organization is serious about an active and engaged board member and he is in a position to add value to the conversation and decision making.


Enrich yourself with expertise and resourcefulness on strategy, funding, team building and execution.

What is it?

Dr. Nilesh provides mentorship to startups, startup CxOs, and young leaders from business families who often assume leadership roles where they may lack technical expertise or experience needed to execute the role efficiently and effectively.

Who is it for?

Business families who are grooming family members to take on leadership roles, startups.


Find an informed solution to a specific challenge related to strategy, execution and governance.

What is it?

Dr. Nilesh provides consulting services on strategy, business feasibility, scenario planning, firm valuation, financial modeling, and market entry to the clients. While Dr. Khare guides and takes an overall responsibility of the project and delivery he is assisted by his associates who provide technical skill and research support.

Who is it for?

Any firm who has specific project based need related to Dr. Khare’s areas of expertise.

MDP/Executive Education

Make your teams and leaders get better.

What is it?

Dr. Nilesh has taught strategy, international business, strategic innovation, intraprenuership, and entrepreneurship courses in three different countries at various levels including working professional PG programmes, flagship MBAs and Ph.D. His custom designed corporate management development programme may include workshop/simulation/case based sessions for enabling deeper appreciation for strategy tools and frameworks and their applications. The duration, topics covered, and pedagogy depend on the specific need of the client and the level of the audience. He also engages in speaking sessions on the topics related to his areas of expertise.

Who is it for?

Firms of MSME size and beyond for their senior middle management or top management teams/individuals. Consulting corporations.