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but the expression of love is unique to each individual. How you give and receive love will be very different from your partner’s.

So, before you get into a committed relationship, take the time to know and understand your perception of love and affection.

I started to use the ‘???? ???? ???g??g??’  ‘ framework

Based on these five love languages, I could give the concept of love a new shape and definition. It has made all the difference in how I can just change the formation of my sentences to avoid #triggers and show my #affection in the ways he #appreciated it the most.

Here is a set of questions that will help you understand the five love languages. 

1) You like receiving compliments:-

Positive reinforcements motivate you 

You like to hear the words “ I love you”, and “ I am there for you.” 

(i) All of the above 

(ii) None of the above 

If your answer is (i), your love language is ‘Words of Affirmation. You like it when your partner verbally expresses delight, amusement and affection when communicating with you. 

2) You like it when your partner shuts everything off and spends quality time with you and just you. He/She is 100% there with you physically and mentally. 



If your answer is (a), you value quality time. Undivided attention makes you happy and wanted. Quality time is your love language, how you like to receive love.

3) Do you like it when your partner surprises you with a kind gesture or something small yet special to show his/her appreciation for you? 

Yes, very much 

No, not so much. 

If your answer is (a), your love language is receiving gifts. This does not mean you are all about materialistic pleasures because for you the thought counts more than the gift itself. 

In my program ?? “ℍ???? ??????????” ??we learn various methods and use various tools to understand your spouse better. Stay curious and keep discovering each other in very unique ways to keep the spark ignited and not let it fade with time.