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Has your relationship lost its charm?

In the past few decades, what you mean by love, how you define love, what relationship means, all has significantly changed.

Divorce rates have gone up, there is more Infidelity and more people are choosing to be single.

What is about the modernlife that is leading to such consequences?

Are we giving up on love?
Are we giving up on relationships?

As we lean into these questions, we would see as our society evolved, we actually did not evolve as much with our definition of love. Got busy in our careers, are more stressed etc.

We have goals in all other areas of life. Do we assign ourselves goals in our relationships? Do we care enough, if our relationship is losing the charm it used to have towards its beginning ?

Here are few questions worth asking your partner to bring the spark back and take your relationship to another level.

✅ What does being loved feel like?

✅What is their Love Language? How do they feel loved ?
Gary Chapman in his book ” 5 love Languages” talks beautifully about :-
1)    Words of Affirmation
2)    Physical touch
3)    Giving and receiving GIFTS
4)    Quality Time
5)    Acts of Service—cook, laundary, clean

For each one of us, the language of love is different. We feel appreciated and loved in different ways and will only feel loved if spoken to in that language.

This helps communicate love and when used effectively helps build relationships

✅Why do they value you? What do you appreciate in your partner that you love them so much.

✅What is acceptable and not acceptable in your relationship?
(A question around healthy boundaries)

✅What is that, I used to do that you miss? What led to the honey moon period and what deteorated that?

✅How can we create a version of that in the relationship now?

✅Where is that you want our relationship to go in 5 years?
How do we see each other in 5 years from now ?

✅What is the possibility of creating in this relationship?

How many times and how many of us have #valued our #relationships enough and sat with our partners to ask these questions?
Sadly and unfortunately statistics says less than 1% 🙁

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